Report from the Road

The benefit of wrapping the most immediate work on Monday allowed me a relatively stress-free Tuesday to prep for the con.  As a result, the day passed in a nice way. It was rainy and cool for July, perfect for taking Starbucks up on their offer of a free pastrie. Deb and I met our friend Heather in town where the women talked knitting and I sipped and nodded a lot.

Back home, I wrote up my Tomb of Dracula article for Marvel Spotlight and then watched Green Lantern: First Flight to review for ComicMix (look for it this weekend). I responded to many e-mails, took care of printing documents I needed for the trip and worked my way down the checklist.

By 4:30, I was pretty much packed and settled but various phone calls and dinner prep meant I wound up 40 pages shy of finishing a book, too few pages to bother schlepping but that’s about the only undone thing which is fine by me.

I had trouble sleeping, from anticipation I guess, so was up before the alarm and on the road by 6:10 this morning. Fortunately, every aspect of the trip from leaving the house to checking in at the hotel went flawlessly. No traffic, not too long a line anywhere, flights arrived on time, etc.

Now I’m settled in the hotel, looking forward to meeting my roommate later when he arrives. Shortly, I’ll head over to the con where I will no doubt stand on a very long line to get my page and then head in for preview night.  Con reports as report-worthy things come up.

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