Suicide Squad – A New Chapter

Today’s Hollywood trades carry the news that Warner Bros. has named a producer and writer for a movie based on the Suicide Squad.

The version being adapted is the one I helped create with writer John Ostrander back in 1986 and endures to this day. Before there was Marvel’s Thunderbolts, there was the Suicide Squad, a mix of heroes and villains out to save the world or die trying. Someone usually died, of course. I’ve written about them repeatedly, most recently for an issue of Back Issue.

We created the property and then seeded it in Legends, the 1986 miniseries John was plotting.

Back in the late 1980s, after I had stopped editing it, my successor, Dan Raspler, and I spent a fevered week developing a bible for a CBS producer who was interested. Jenette Kahn was calling us regularly from the west coast, very enthusiastic about our efforts but after The Flash failed to win a second season, the interest in other comic titles cooled.

And now, with every comic concept of interest to someone, it is the Squad’s turn in the spotlight. Justin Marks was named as the writer and he seems to do a wonderful job on the genre scripts, earning a good buzz even though few of them have actually gotten filmed.

Will this one get anywhere?  No clue, but I’m feeling like a proud parent.

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