Join me Back on Pangaea

I enjoy worldbuilding. It probably has to do with growing up with the words “to seek new life forms and new civilizations…:” rattling in my head with great regularity. I loved playing with the DC Universe characters, helping reshape the universe in the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths. I adored collaborating to craft new worlds to set stories when Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman and I collaborated on several Star Trek novels (one with estimable Carmen Carter). We clicked […]

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At the After Earth Press Junket

I’m in NYC today for the World Premier of After Earth, sharing the moment with Mike Friedman, Peter David, and our spouses. Now that the website is back and running, I can finally talk about the press junket. The one thing a freelance writer lives for is the phone to ring and an amazing opportunity to be on the other end of the call. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, you want that call to also bring with it a […]

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After Earth: Redemption now Available for Purchase

My second personal contribution to the six eBook series of After Earth: Ghost Stories goes live today. Redemption tells a fresh tale about one of the six people who developed the ability to mask their presence from the alien predators called the Ursa. The ghosts are a significant element in the After Earth universe and these stories allow us to provide glimpses into what this world is all about before the feature film opens in June. The official description tells […]

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