Where Have I Been?

I have been exceedingly quiet here on the blog but that does not mean I have been in stasis. There has actually been a lot going on but for a variety of reasons, I have put off writing anything for public consumption. The last few weeks has been filled with a lot of planning, both my final weeks of the school year, and beyond. Our summer calendar is filling up quickly with family and social obligations which is kind of […]

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My Farpoint Schedule

Thanks to the blizzard and the rapid advance of time, suddenly it is time for Farpoint. Once the little sibling to Shore Leave, the show has forged its own identity over the last few years. Small in size but packed with talent, the con is a relaxing and fun way to spend a weekend. My schedule for this year looks like this: Bob Greenberger            Saturday              10:00 AM The usual assortment of movie trailers (as curated by the estimable Glenn Hauman), […]

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