Sci-Fi Saturday

The annual Sci-Fi Saturday welcomes Crazy 8 Press among others. This year our contingent will include Russ Colchamiro, Peter David, Mike Friedman, Aaron Rosenberg, and me. We’ll be joined by some of the Fortress Publishing team where they will be introducing readers to TV Gods: Summer Programming, a book that many of us have stories in. Friday night, in the parking lot, Jim Lewin will be screening Forbidden Planet (well worth seeing if you have not sampled it before).

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Where Have I Been?

I have been exceedingly quiet here on the blog but that does not mean I have been in stasis. There has actually been a lot going on but for a variety of reasons, I have put off writing anything for public consumption. The last few weeks has been filled with a lot of planning, both my final weeks of the school year, and beyond. Our summer calendar is filling up quickly with family and social obligations which is kind of […]

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