My Farpoint Schedule

Hard to believe, but it’s already February which also means it’s time for Farpoint. It happens to be a little different this year, their 25th. First, they’ve relocated to the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn (no matter who owns it or what they call it, that’s how we all refer to the venue). Second, it’s a weekend earlier than usual so it feels very sudden. For a number of reasons, I asked for and received a slightly less busy schedule than […]

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My Terrificon Schedule

I was at the first few Terrificion’s when it was a newbie and my how it has grown. After hearing how cool last year’s show was, I angled to get invited to this year’s shindig. It’s this weekend at Mohegan Sun Casino in the wilds of Connecticut. What makes this year special is that it has the feel, for me, of a high school reunion. I will be sharing panels and have my table adjacent to people I worked with […]

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Shore Leave 39 After Action Report

I’m tired, plain and simple. We were away in Italy for a pilgrimage, returning on July 4 and then on the 7th, it was the Shore Leave marathon. As a result, the late nights required by the con and a special event Sunday has left me worn out. But the con was good. Shore Leave remains a fun fan-run event which has enjoyed a reputation among celebrities and fans alike. It was a little lighter in attendance than the last […]

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