Continuing the Conversation: Confronting PTSD in ReDeus


At the end of ReDeus: Native Lands, several of the recurring characters in our Crazy 8 Press series find themselves in New York City, 2033. All the gods from all the pantheons returned to Earth twenty years earlier. New York City was neutral ground and the United Nations was now a place where the gods could debate the issues. However, when you have that many deities in one place, you can imagine the conflicting agendas and grappling for followers and […]

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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Tag: I’m it. Welcome to my first blog hop post. What is a blog hop? It’s a virtual event that helps readers discover new authors. The first author tags five others whose work he or she admires, who each tag five more, who each tag five more, and so on. These memes float around the internet every few years, and this particular event has been so widespread, covering so many genres and amazing authors, that it was impossible to say […]

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2012: A Look Back

Last day of a tough year, made tougher by yesterday’s news that my longtime, close friend Peter David had a stroke. But, the end of the year brings about a chance for reflection, an opportunity to be reminded of the highs and lows. The highest high is that in May I was awarded my Master’s Degree in Education and the year ended with the state certifying me on the 21st, the last step before employment. I never thought I’d need […]

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