Trying to Keep my Resolution

So far, keeping this year’s New Year’s Resolution has proven challenging. I had decided that in addition to whatever other writing assignment I had, I would also carve time out for at least one short story, figuring that 12 new stories by year’s end would be lovely. It hasn’t quite been working out that way. In January, I wrote two stories for pay and in March I was a long-term sub which was effectively a fulltime job shoving the paid […]

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Quick Update

I look up and realize I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve had things happening, things to talk about, and the like but the long-term substitute assignment coupled with a busy freelance side has squeezed out a lot of leisure time. We’re in the final week of my assignment, already, and it felt good to be back in teacher mode. I’ll have some more observations once this is completed. My passion project is humming along and yesterday I received some […]

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My 12-part New Year’s Resolution

I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, but as I enter 2017 without a fulltime job, I realize I have many hours at my disposal to write, seek out jobs or writing assignments, and write while also waiting for Opportunity to seek me out. So, as 2016 was thankfully on its way out the door, I decided that in addition to whatever else is on my plate, I will also write one short story a month. It certainly helps that […]

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