Meet my Fellow Apes

Planet of the Apes covers

Over at the Hasslein Books blog, Rich Handley has revealed the complete line up of authors contributing to the untitlted Planet of the Apes prose anthology. Rich edits this with Jim Beard and it should be all manner of fun. I mentioned recently that I begin 2016 by penning a story set during the POTA TV series era, focusing on General Urko. The book will be released by Titan Books in 2017, timed to the next installment in the current […]

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The Side of Good/ The Side of Evil is now Available for Pre-Order

Good and Evil

My buddy Danielle Ackley-McPhail is launching her digital imprint, eSpec Books, with a fun concept: a flip book focusing on original super-hero stories. One side would focus on the good guys, the other spotlight the evil ones. The Side of Good/ The Side of Evil was launched via Kickstarter and I was thrilled to be invited aboard. The campaign did well enough that not only is the book a reality and the writers are getting paid, but it will feature […]

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My Next Writing Project is…

General Urko

Given the new school year, my graduate course work, and having to find time to fit in the revision to Sherlock Holmes, I have not been very focused on my writing. I do admit to missing it and keep looking forward to finding that all-too-rare time. I wasn’t entirely sure what was going to come next given so many variables being up in the air but with a contract in hand, I can now discuss the next project. Regular readers […]

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