Taking Stock

So, today I’m 47. I’m taking quick stock of the day and where I am in the world.

The sun is shining, the humidity is low. The Final Frontiersmen are in first place, as they have been all month, and the Final Projections Calculator points to my finishing in first.

Deb went out and bought me some lovely jelly donuts and then she and Robbie did the laundry, saving me from chores. Later we’ll go out for a barbecue dinner.

Robbie gave me two new Corgi Batmobile diecast replicas while Deb gave me a new wallet made from genuine Rawlings baseball glove rawhide, complete with some decorative glove stitching. Kate’s gift is en route.

I have my health (more or less).

I have a steady job, current freelance and potential work on the horizon.

I have friends and family.

Overall, not a bad place to be in the world.