The Answer

I must do a good job of expressing myself because last week, when I threw out the opportunity for questions, I received a grand total of one.

Out of fairness to the person who took the trouble to ask, I provide the answer.

Here’s a leading question. Of all the comic book series that you edited, which would you like to see collected as a trade paperback collection?

Hands down, The Atlantis Chronicles most deserves collecting. Not only does it still hold up to re-reading, it would work well in the bookstores for fans of fantasy and not just comic books. Unfortunately, when comic shop retailers have been surveyed throughout the years, there has never been enough interest to merit the miniseries being collected. To this day, Peter David and I remain enormously proud of this project.


  • Bob

    Hey, Bob.
    Didn’t realize you had thrown the floor open to questions…but I’ll see you at Farpoint anyhow.
    But in the meanwhile, what do you know about the various “Prisoner” remakes on the table? Anything feel more solid than any other?

    Syd the Vicious

  • gah…I have a question. Just what exactly does “RTM” stand for? I’ve always wondered.