The Writer’s Twin Lives

Writers write when they’re moved to create something. Writers also write to pay the bills.

I find it interesting the material the latter will find acceptable whereas, given a choice, the former might be more selective. I was reminded of that today as I accepted my first Rosen Book assignment in over a year. This time I’ll be penning a young adult biography of singer Christina Aguilera. It’s a short assignment, which is good since I can jump in and out. The pay is low since Rosen cut their rates just about in half, since I last wrote for them,.

Still, those bills aren’t going to wait for the muse to strike.

On the other hand, I was also invited today to pitch to a number of anthologies from editor Danielle Ackley-McPhail and since it’s all original material, that certainly speaks to the creative writer in me.

And in both cases, it’s terrific just being asked.

One comment

  • Geoff Trowbridge

    Well, I’ll say this… Unlike Britney, Gwen, Ashley, and the rest of the talentless hacks out there peddling their manufactured pop songs to a tone-deaf public, at least Christina truly has a gifted vocal ability.