This and That

A quick reminder that I’ll be interviewed on the radio tonight at 11:30. Howard Margolin says it’s been nearly 15 years so surely I’ve come up with something new to say. You can find it on line at Destinies.

Meantime, I’ve spent the better part of the last two days going over the final page proofs for the DC Comics Encyclopedia. Phil Jimenez, Ivan Cohen and I have been working our way through the pages, fixing some stylistic problems, correcting some typos and revising many final sentances to bring things as up to date as possible. Looks like we’ll have some Identity Crisis and War Games facts in place so this should be in pretty reasonable shape in terms of reflecting the current line of titles.

Work has remained tremendously busy as a flurry of projects have arrived for various proofing from the designers, the color separators and the printer. Nice to see all these things come together, just wish they were spaced out a bit. I’m thrilled to see how nicely Batman in the Eighties is coming together considering we had to modify the format a bit to extensively cover all the stuff we couldn’t possibly reprint — things like Dark Knight and Batman: Year One. Lots of extra info from my pal John Wells as well as loads of covers.

I’ll work a bit this weekend to add some missing info to the Bibliography in addition to adding the titles I’ve edited since there’s been a request.



    For those of us who can’t listen to the webcast tonight, will your interview be available for later listening?

  • Doctor OHM

    If all goes well, within a week after the show airs, it should be in rotation at the Comic Book Radio section of However, if for some reason it doesn’t get into the rotation, you can always request a copy from me, either on CD or cassette.