Work Update

Things seem to be falling into place as my summer dance card fills in. I sent off the Early Peoples book yesterday and will no doubt be told it sucks and needs to be modified but I did all that I could with it at this point. Meantime, two projects previously thought to be in the offing have become formal offers.

As a result, here’s the current line-up of stuff:

About to be Published

Tales of Zorro, coming soon
Hellboy II: The Golden Army, coming May 28
The Essential Batman Encyclopedia, coming June 10.
The Encyclopedia of Storytelling: scheduled for publication July
Christina Aguilera, coming in September


Biomes: Deserts
Bataan Death March
Early Peoples
How to Lose a War: three essays.
Back Issue #32: Interview with Len Wein and Marv Wolfman about Who’s Who
The Brave & Bold Companion: Dick Giordano interview, Murray Boltinoff profile
Story for Captain Midnight collection
Wonder Woman: Essay for BenBella; awaiting edits and publication date.
“Steel & Chrome” in Age of War: A Classic BattleTech Anthology: manuscript turned in to editor on December 1, 2005; on indefinite hold.

On Going

Heroes Happen Here, daily web comic strip for Microsoft, running through July
Website writing —,, unnamed project

Editorial Work

Write Now! #18: Pitching in to help editor Danny Fingeroth get this late issue completed. Been proofreading, copyediting, caption writing, nudging, the usual.
Avalanche Comics Entertainment graphic novel 1: Pending deal with publisher
Avalanche Comics Entertainment graphic novel 2: In progress, needs publisher


Haunting Museums – The Strange and Uncanny Stories Behind the Most Mysterious Exhibits – three essays due June
Media Tie-In non-fiction book
Media Tie-In editing project

Proposed Projects

Original fantasy duology cowritten with Aaron Rosenberg – being reviewed by editor
Original urban fantasy – begging me to finish promise
Media Tie-In novel – pitched December 2006, finally got editor’s interest, outline due May 31
Media Tie-In novel – I’ve been pitched as the writer, awaiting licensee approval
Media Tie-In comic book miniseries – Discussing with the publisher this week
Media Tie-In editing – awaiting formal offer
Media tie-in non-fiction book: Pitch to editor September 13, no response as yet.
Media tie-in book non-fiction 2: Pitch to editor October 2, no response as yet.
”Things That Aren’t” sequel: Co-writer Michael A. Burstein is at work on the first draft.
Actionopolis book: Started writing, awaiting revised deal memo.