Work Update

The work front has been a little quiet with bits of turbulence here and there.

I’ve been working steadily all this past week on the Howard Chaykin project and reached a  point where I am just about done with a first draft but also recognize I have to go back and re-grill Howard on many things we missed the first time.

While awaiting word back from him, I have begun assembling his checklist and interestingly, there is no one list to cull from but instead, numerous on line lists, with Tim Barnes over in Europe being tremendously supportive. He’s shared with me tons of his own private lists and notes, with almost daily e-mails filled with tidbits I could use. If nothing else, it will show quite a variety of work from many corners of the mass media world.

On Friday, though, I received the line-edited J-Z from the Essential Superman Encyclopedia. Chris Cerasi, my wonderful editor, assures me I will have plenty o time to go through this and bring the current entries up to date, which is just fine by me. But boy, that’s a daunting stack of paper (measuring five inches high) suddenly on my desk.

Additionally, I should get the final feedback I need from the DCU editorial department, confirming my research from the summer which means I should have a green light to begin actually writing around Labor Day so that puts me on track. It does, though, make me glad I began this months ago given how much time I needed and how much I thought they’d need.

In the world of speculation, a collaborative project has gone from the back burner to the middle burner as we near a deal. If this happens, I’ll be working on something not only brand new, but for me, a brand new medium. As it happens, this may snowball into other projects with the group which is very exciting.


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