Young Love

The latest online edition of Binghamton University’s journal just went live and there’s a feature on couples who met while attending college. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see us then and now. Please note, Deb has aged rather nicely, while I added a beard and bit too much weight.


  • Tom Galloway

    Gee, that was one quick engagement (per the article, you weren’t really a couple until Spring Break junior year, and were engaged on Easter weekend, same year). Seems to have worked out though. 🙂

    What was “the Pipe Dream”?

  • BobGreenberger

    Pipe Dream was the twice weekly school newspaper. I started as a freshman reporter (my first article was on a Star Trek convention) and I worked my way up to Arts & Leisure Editor, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief. We’ll be back at campus in October for a special reunion celebrating 35 years of the paper under that name.

    And yes, we had grown very comfortable with one another so once things got started, they moved at warp speed.

  • In those sunglasses you look like you belong in a 1970s cop show.

  • Bob:

    Well, I don’t see ANY age difference. Which adds to my being freaked out by Kate being at GW.


  • Rich

    Wow, same school as Tony Kornheiser went to, no?