A 3 Day Weekend Gone

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Bob GreenbergerMonday morning and back at work. We had Friday off as a company summer holiday–which was very nice.Took Robbie to see Fahrenheit 9/11 on Friday. He prefers Bowling for Columbine but he was riveted regardless. And frankly, any 16 year old who wants to open his eyes to the political realities of our country should be encouraged.Rather thank work on the original fantasy outline, as I had hoped, wound up shopping for a new dishwasher with Deb on Saturday (which also entailed lots of other stops because, you know, once you’re at the mall…) and then on Sunday spent the day moving my brother-in-law Jim into his new home. Robbie and I were joined by other members of the family so the work got done but it took all day rather than the two hours Jim had expected. We actually spent more time emptying the house than moving from home to home. It was a wonderfully bright, hot, steamy day for such physical activity but it got done and wasn’t too onerous.And look, the Mets got swept, are 9 games back and suddenly those blockbuster moves on Friday don’t look so smart.On the other hand, the Final Frontiersmen are .5 points out of first place so I have little to complain about.

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  1. This is actually in reference to the later Eisner post; I didn’t see a comment link for that.Bob, I think it’s quite possible the Time reporter got it right. This isn’t a slam on your Batman book; I haven’t seen the book, so I’d be a durn fool to slam it. But I own the Gilbert Hernandez and Jim Woodring books, and feel that they’re two of the finest books I’ve ever owned- oversized, comprehensive collections of their careers. The Hernandez book collects every Palomar story, while the Woodring book collects all of the Frank dream stories. Both books have beautiful dust jackets and a trememndous sense of design, and I’m proud to own both books, not only for the fantastic material contained, but also for their intrinsic value as objects.Now, in no way am I dissing your BA collection. In fact, if the Eisners felt that this was a better book than those two, I’m going out tomorrow to look for it! I do think that this is a case of praising some beautiful books (Ware’s books always have a unifying sense of design, even if it personally gives me headaches, and I saw and liked the Brown book) rather than simple superhero bashing.Either way, congrats on the Eisner.Ray

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