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Found this over at the United Kingdom’s Guardian web site:German ‘World Service’ boldly goes for Klingon newsMichael LeidigWednesday September 15, 2004The German equivalent of the BBC World Service, Deutsche Welle, has added a new language to its global news network by starting to use Klingon.Star Trek, or Raumschiff Enterprise as it is known in Germany, has cult status with thousands of German Trekkies admitting they are obsessed with the TV series and its various spin-off programmes.The popularity of the show in Germany and abroad prompted the country’s state-run world radio network to begin offering online reports and audio clips in Klingon.The station said the language of the big-browed, ill-mannered alien characters from Star Trek will be added to the existing 30 languages they already use on their homepage.A spokesman said: “We wanted something special to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the site.”The Klingon reports on the Deutsche Welle website are also supposed to underline the station’s philosophy of multicultural, intergalactic openness.”The dialogue of cultures does not stop at the edge of the solar system,” said the Deutsche Welle director, Erik Bettermann. “We should celebrate our 10-year presence in the online universe with a cross-border language.”This should help users from other galaxies get an impression of Germany,” he added.For those not versed in the artificial TV language created by linguist Marc Okrand, the website offers an online translation program called “Mr Klingon”, which translates Klingon news into German and English.Klingon was created for the television show Star Trek and has its own grammatical rules and vocabulary. Works by Shakespeare have already been translated into Klingon.The announcement of Deutsche Welle’s online news service in Klingon reads: “DIS 1994 taghDI’ DW, tv online website wa’DIch ‘oH. qaStaHvIS DISmey veb tInchoH ‘ej tera’Daq noyqu’choH DW qo'”.

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