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We shipped Batman: Cover to Cover to the printer yesterday. Months of intense work and constant revision are now over. Our designer, Robbin Brosterman, is exhausted from the concentrated effort but she created a beautiful book. It

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  1. The Previews Guide says Batman Cover to Cover will ship first week of May.
    The DC Comics Encyclopedia is a great book. I’m planning to nominate it for the Hugo for Best Related Book, and I hope many other people do the same.

  2. Looking forward to the Encyclopedia. I know its under the tree. I bought it for someone else and my wife freaked when she saw it till I told her it was for a friend. 😀

  3. Now there’s a truly pleasant image and circumstances triggering such an image to contemplate! Too bad I already bought myself one, as I could’ve triggered it from one of my relatives!:-DYours,Dwight

  4. Just wanted to say hi, Bob. I’ve been enjoying the blog since Mark Evanier first posted a link to it.It’s nice to see that after all these years, some things never change. As the holidays close in, Robbin is pushing to complete the design on another book. Glad she’s stll there, doing her usual fine job. Say “hi” to her for me.

  5. Man, I wish I could afford Batman Cover to Cover. And I’m not even a Batman fan. It looks like it’s going to be a really good book.I’m hoping the DC Encyclopedia will make it under the tree, but the tree has nothing under it right now, so I have my doubts.

  6. Is there a particular place or forum for reporting DC Encyclopedia Errata? I’m such a nerd that I’ve been noticing a few (very few I’d like to add) wrong pieces of data. I’d hate to report things that have already been reported, though. Is there a central gathering place for such details?

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