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I’m home today, taking care of odds and ends and a few things have cropped up.While running errands, I stop by Capricorn Comics Plus, my local retailer. A colleague of the owner is on the phone with the Connecticut Post. The reporter is calling local comic shops to try and get some local reaction to next week’s Star Trek: Enterprise and the end of an era. The guy sees me and hands me the phone. I then spend 20 minutes with the reporter, who is acting like he hit the mother lode given my credentials. Heck, he even wants to send a photographer to snap me watching the final episode next week (timing being what it is, that’s not happening). Anyway, he’s clearly new to Star Trek so I cross my fingers he paid attention to the comments.Also, while trying to get my thoughts together on a new project, I get hit with the letter from a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, slamming me for my work on the Ancient Chinese Technology book, which I thought I was done with. To Rosen Books’ credit, they do send their manuscripts out to authorities in the specific field, but this guy was harsh and out of line. Turns out it just required a few tweaks to get most of it in shape. The biggest problem is I don’t speak Chinese and I didn’t quite grasp there exist to different “romanizations” of Chinese and I used some from each. Of course, that’s what copy editors are for but the prof slammed the editor, too. So that deflated me a bit and took up much of the afternoon.And then Newsarama breaks the news yesterday that George Perez is exclusive to DC once more. Buried in the article is the item that George has done a cover for Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths. I was surprised to see that in print since DC had yet to announce it, but stay tuned for the formal word and then I can tell you all about my role.Just goes to show you, it’s always something.

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  1. Capricorn Comics Plus? After Googling the name, I wondered if this is the same comic store in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport that was there in 1996-97.I used to work at a practice down there on Fairfield Avenue at the time and I remember a comic store right near there. It was located in a nice looking building that seemed out of character with the rest of the neighborhood (not as out of place as Black Rock Castle, but that would be out of place pretty much anywhere).At the time, it seemed like a nice store and I hoped they would succeed long term, but back then I wouldn’t have put money on that bet. In addition to the odds being against a comic store for the usual reasons, it was a store in Bridgeport. Tough town. I know the Black Rock section was a little better than most of Bridgeport back then, but after the practice I was working at was held up at gunpoint, I wouldn’t have much hope for any business down there.After reading your post, it appears I was wrong and I’m very glad about that.Thank you for your post; it made my day.

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