Why I Love Living Here

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Here are some more reasons why I enjoy living in my town.Every June, the Greater Bridgeport Symphony plays an outdoor concert on the great lawn at Fairfield University. It’s a free concert and the program always mixes classics with movie/Broadway music. The current winner of the Jenny Lind competition (Jenny Lind being the Swedish nightingale brought to America by the great Bridgeport impresario – P.T. Barnum), a soprano with a great set of pipes, comes out to sing a few songs with the Orchestra. And they conclude the night with a rousing performance of the 1812 Overture.Deb and I love going and last weekend, after our journey to Gotham City, we arrived for the 10th anniversary concert. While the day was a sweltering 90 something, we got there around 6:30 and could already tell things were cooling off. One of the nicest parts of attending this concert is that the field is a 10 minute walk from our home.One of the other nice parts is that we usually attend with friends, as we did last night. Everyone brought foods to share and we sampled goodies each other found at marketplaces around town. The great lawn area is spread before the campus library and ideal for the event. Estimates state there were between 10-11,000 people attending last night’s performance.From 6:30-7:30 or so, we treated to a warm-up band that did standards to keep people entertained as we arrived, set up and played catch-up with friends.The Symphony, getting started pretty much on time at 8, sounded wonderful as they opened with the theme to Raiders of the Lost Ark. We were then treated to excerpts from Opera, Ballet, some obscure showtunes, two selections from the Harry Potter movies and more. There was an oft-requested piece, “The Typewriter,” that made a return to the program. Our conductor did a great job with that one, right up until the keys stuck together but he got right back into the rhythm after a few beats.What impressed me was that during the performance, people remained quiet. And when it was over around 9:45 and the floodlights allowed people to pack up, the fields were clean. After all, we want to be invited back.We strolled home, not rushing, and appreciating all over again how nice our home life can be.Today, being Independence Day and all, we’ll be heading for the local beach. Now, I normally hate beaches and wouldn’t go on a bet, but tonight is different. Tonight, around 9, a barge will launch about 25 minutes’ worth of fireworks. Seeing them high in the night sky, with reflections off the water, is always a treat.And every year we camp out at the same spot, meeting up with 2-4 other families. It’s become base camp for the kids who wander off with their peers. We bring picnic-type foods and eat, sit, chat, stroll the shoreline, and settle back in time for the show.A happy fourt to one and all.

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