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I suddenly looked up and realized a week had slid by without posting anything. It’s not like I’ve been in a cocoon but there really haven’t been any burning issues for me to comment on or if there are, my thoughts haven’t differed dramatically from my peers.But, let’s look back and see what’s been happening.Robbie survived day one of school and, as expected, likes his teachers. One of the courses he’s taking is ICONS, which is a social studies course using a global simulation as the major class work. It’s part of a program run by the University of Connecticut and when Kate took it, loved it to pieces. Given her raving about it and that it was taught by one of her favorite teachers, Robbie decided to sign up. Here we are, a few years later and his class has been assigned the same country, India, was the one Kate had. Fortunately, the area of expertise he wanted to study was not Kate’s Conflict and Resolution but instead, the current proposals for revamping the UN. The teacher has never taught this before since it’s the first time Robbie’s new high school has offered the course and she’s somewhat intimidated by the reputation of the teacher from the other school, someone else Kate adored. And his girl friend Stephanie is taking the course with said teacher at the other school. Should be interesting watching this unfold.He’s also been working hard at Cold Stone Creamery although they keep scheduling him to close on school nights and already it’s taking its toll as he drags himself home at 11 and wakes up at 6. He’s talking to the boss about this and I suggested that the boss institute a policy that no high school student be assigned two closings in a row. We’ll see what happens.From all reports, Dragon*Con was a blast and Kate, along with her fellow Boogie Knights, had a great reception. Deb and I wish we were there and once we send Robbie to college, are likely to make it down there now and again.The three day weekend was nice and relaxed, everything a three day weekend is supposed to be. One of the things I managed was time spent on the original fantasy that keeps kicking around. I needed to rework a piece of the backstory after DelRey editor Steve Saffel asked me a simple question and sent me reeling. I really like what I came up with and got good comments on it from a pal so I’m encouraged. Meantime, no news on the media tie-in proposals that are out.We saw Brothers Grimm the other night and it was okay. A pleasant misfire if you will. Deb and Robbie liked it better than I did. Essentially, the movie couldn’t make up its mind what it wanted to be so the tone of the setting and characters didn’t mesh well at all. Additionally, I had trouble understanding what the brothers were doing with one another given the enmity between them – it was never adequately explained. Visually, it was another Terry Gilliam treat.Work has been steady. My new boss started this week so there’s been time spent showing him how things are done, answering questions and settling in. Got some proofs and bound copies in on major projects that look really nice so I remained very encouraged by what’s coming out.And that’s kind of it. After two weeks off, finally made it back to the gym last night and I could feel the difference. But, it’s back to the routine, which is, in the long-term, a good thing.

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  1. Yeah, I find that if I make blog posts with nothing to say, they tend to turn out pretty lousy. (Not to say that this entry was lousy; just don’t feel pressured to post.)I’ve heard mixed reviews about The Brothers Grimm. Thanks for your take on it.Look forward to hearing more news about the original fantasy work.

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