Pitchers and Catchers

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Here in Fairfield, it’s sunny and warm, temperature over 50. A good percentage of Sunday’s snow has vanished.And today is special.Pitchers and catchers report to Legends Field in Port St. Lucie for the beginning of Mets spring training. Forget what you heard about the Groundhog, spring training has begun. Spring officially gets underway on March 1 when the first exhibition games get played.Unlike other sports, we tend memorialize key dates, starting today. We romanticize the renewal of the year, the eternal hope that our team will perform better than last year and the optimism that with the arrival of ball players we can once more glimpse our youth.Or, as Katie put it on her Away Message: Pitchers and catchers!!!First sign of spring, baby. 🙂

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  1. Can the Braves find a closer?Will Barry Bonds make it to Babe Ruth’s record?Will the Mets stink again?Will Barry Bonds make it to Hank Aaron’s record?Does anyone care about the World Baseball Thingy-o?Can the Braves find a closer?!?!?Important questions all.I say yes, yes, yes, no, ummm…and YES!!!!

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