Quiet Week

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Been a quiet week but it could also be the quiet before the storm. There are several projects in the hopper that will either keep me very busy or not. I’m very positive about a few of these options while others are slow to develop so with luck, as they come through I can space them out.On the other hand, if several get green-lit at once, my time gets filled very quickly.And old projects also bubble back up. Just this morning I received the galleys to “The Landing Party” my story in Star Trek: Constellations so that requires a final read through. Fortunately, I’ve been given a week on this.This is not to say the week has been non-productive. I’ve written my usual two pieces for Weekly World News plus started working through one of the Rosen Publishing updates (trimming 47,000 words down to 8000 plus revising statistical information). Spoke to one editor about some articles and spoke to another about essays for a book, plus did revisions to an essay that looks like it’ll be accepted (details to follow). I even spent a good chunk of Tuesday on my original fantasy, something I haven’t touched in a long, long time.I have a meeting in Manhattan this afternoon which pertains to one of the projects and the one I am most optimistic about even though, if approved, will require a lot of catch-up because, in theory, the project should have started about a year ago.So, it’s been busy and steady but not a lot of new activity to report. Stay tuned.

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