As Another Week Ends

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Weird week.In addition to the normal work that’s been happening, I’ve suddenly started taking on some freelance editing chores which meant exercising a set of muscles I haven’t used in a while. Once I have deals in place I’ll talk more about them but I have to say, it’s certainly nice to be invited back to comics.Meantime, I’ve wrapped up a few things that need a polish and will be delivered on Monday. On the other hand, something I wrote back in April now is back in my lap for another pass to alter the tone and this will prove challenging.On the municipal side of life, I have been asked to participate in two related committees that may mean changes to my other town obligations and I’m weighing what to do. However, I have also taken time to help them write their committee charter. I’ve also written a letter challenging renewal Sound View’s contract with Cablevision to provide Fairfield with public access programming. Again, more on that later, but you can imagine anything involving Cablevision has my interest.Family and house stuff have also led to the week feeling more disjointed than usual. Couple that with a sudden wave of humidity and you can imagine it’s less than comfortable. The good news is we’re finally in gear with planning for Robbie’s Graduation Party, only a week or two late.

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