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Steven H. Silver at Tangent On Line has a review up for the contents of the April cover-dated issue of Analog. The short fiction review site is new to me but apparently covers all print matter and is fed advance material from the publishers.I now know, for example, that Michael A. Burstein and I share the issue with the following authors:”Trial by Fire” by Shane Tourtellotte”Don’t Kill the Messenger” by Kim Zimring”As You Know, Bob” by John G. Hemry”Crackers” by Jerry Oltion”Things That Aren’t” by Michael A. Burstein & Robert GreenbergerThe review is positive although not overly critical; you more or less get the vibe from his description. Interestingly, like editor Stanley Schmidt, he sees the sequel potential in the story, something that initially eluded the two authors. We are still kicking ideas around and just need to focus on it, I think.

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