The Year Winds Down

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It definitely feels like the year is winding down.We’re pretty much done shopping for Christmas and yesterday brought the tree into the house. Deb and Robbie will decorate it once he’s home from college (some traditions you don’t mess with). Yesterday we put other decorations up around the house and the holiday music was playing pretty much throughout the afternoon.Projects at work are winding up as are things at home, some are the simple monthly cyclic things, others have been lingering. A bunch of short stuff I’ve set to read finally got read and put away.A media tie-in proposal that I’ve been trying to complete finally got done and was sent off to the editor today.Despite the weekly schedule all year round, and early closing deadlines this week and next, Weekly World News is in good shape as one year blends into the next.Tonight, the RTM meets for the final time this year and immediately following, I hope our sub-committee will have its final meeting, finalizing one last ordinance.The calm, relaxed December has been largely that. Which is not to say there haven’t been moments of sheer madness and exhaustion nor will be it be clear sailing all the way into the New Year.We had a death on Deb’s side of the family so tomorrow’s the wake followed on Wednesday with the funeral. Our home becomes the crash sight for some of the New Hampshire members of the family and there’s a possibility Deb’s parents will find themselves extending their New York stay through Christmas so we may have some company which is fine by me.There’s also the planning and packing to continue for our impending trip to see Katie in Cairo. But that goes to the next phase, the building anticipation for what looks promising in the New Year. First this two week vacation and then digging in to the new project which should be discussable in the coming weeks.

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