Time for the Mets to Wake Up

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You have to feel Tom Glavine’s pain. He struggled mightily to win game 299 and finally accomplished that last week. He was facing a competitive Milwaukee Brewers last night and no doubt had adrenaline pumping from the moment he entered the game.He pitched brilliantly, giving up a mere two hits and one run in six plus innings.He got a no decision as both the offense and defense failed him. The power outage is emblematic of the problems the team has endured all season. On the night after the trading deadline passed, the modestly revamped Mets looked just as anemic as usual while the retooled Atlanta Braves handily won without their biggest addition, Mark Texeira, playing any significant role. Bases loaded with one out and they couldn’t plate a single run? Pathetic.Luis Castillo is a solid addition to the defense at second base and a good number two man in the line up. The team probably still needs one more big stick considering the power outage from both Carloses (Beltran and Delgado). Sure, I wouldn’t want to see them give up promising pitcher Phil Humber or star-in-the-making Carlos Gomez to get a really Big Stick but they need something and something soon.The same with the bullpen. Guillermo Mota has been terrible since joining the team at the end of May and Pedro Feliciano has been a tad overused, especially after Joe Smith flamed out. This is where I am surprised GM Omar Minaya did nothing. There were guys to be had as witnessed by additions to other bullpens.It could be that he’s waiting for rosters to go through the waiver process, seeing which names have passed all other teams making trades possible. August could wind up being a busier month than the last week as been and he said just about that over the last day.The problem is, the gap between the Mets and the Phillies and the Braves isn’t wide enough to wait for too long. The Philies may fade thanks to injuries to guys like Chase Utley, but the Braves could prove very tough in the games yet to be played.My beloved team has remained in first despite their inability to make clutch hits or for the bullpen to hold leads. That has to end, the sooner the better, so they can dominate the division, then the league. These guys gave the makings of a World Championship team once more but they have to play like they want to be there.Once more they can take lessons from their cross-town rivals, the Yankees, who were given up for dead a month ago but have roared back to life and even eight games out, are playing like contenders. My guys need to show that same fire and passion.

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  1. THAT was a painful game to suffer through.All that brilliance from Glavine and then the pen totally screws the pooch.

  2. Now you know the Curse of Cabrera here in Baltimore…..To paraphrase the Rolling Stones… he can’t get no — run support action.

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