Homeward Bound

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Effectively, round one of Robbie’s treatment is complete as he is being sent home. It’s more like a furlough since we’ll be right back here in less than a week to begin induction round two.He struggled with the post-chemo recovery period until Saturday when he was given a steroid-based anti-nausea medicine and it worked like Underdog’s super energy pill. He felt great, his true personality reappeared after a month’s hibernation, and he regained his appetite. By Sunday, he was craving steak and was so boisterous the nurses weren’t sure it was the same kid.During this period, his blood counts recovered nicely enough to encourage the doctors to give him (and us) this break. So, we’ll bring him home this afternoon. He’s been telling everyone he misses his dogs and the first thing he’ll do is spend time petting them. He’ll have a chance to chill in his room and lounge with the PS2 in the basement and other fun things. He’s still requiring the nutritional TPN administered via IV overnight and we’re getting a portable pump and gear for all that. Plus meds, lots of those for while we’re home.On Friday, he comes back for blood work and a second bone marrow biopsy. If they like what they see, he can enjoy the weekend at home then return Monday for round two. Should the blood cause them any concern, then he’ll just head right back upstairs and be readmitted.His nurse last night was commenting how well he handled round one and all he said was, “If that was handling it well, I’d hate to see kids who had it worse.”We can most certainly all use the break.

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  1. Behold the power of fruit. Oh, I’m not taking away from Robbie himself nor his support team, not at all. But ladies and gentlemen, let’s give it up for fruit.Happy News!

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