Lunacon Day Two

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Day two at Lunacon was short but great fun.Got there in plenty of time for the 10 a.m. panel on “The Future of Comics”. The good news is that we had more of an audience than yesterday’s comics panel and we all agreed there is a future.After an hour of silliness in the Green Room with various pals, I headed off to a panel “The Magical Soapbox,” essentially a discussion of politics and whether or not it belonged in SF or Fantasy. Not sure why I was placed here unless someone knew I actually toiled in small town politics but it was a lively discussion.Finally, the show ended with “Talk Nerdy to Me” wherein Glenn Hauman, Keith DeCandido and Terri Osborne joined me for an hour about fandom. As Glenn succinctly put it, “We won.” The room was not only packed but people lingered in the doorway as we had tremendous fun dissecting the topic and more or less stayed with the subject matter for the hour.A good show all in all and it was very nice seeing so many friends. I then hightailed it home where Kate awaited, home for a much needed Spring Break.

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  1. You got put on “The Magical Soapbox” because of me. Sorry about that! I read your blog from time to time and had seen you mention town politics. So when working on Programming for this year, I thought you’d be a good fit for the politics in SciFi panel. (Not many people put down “politics” as an interest in the programming questionnaire.)I hope it was okay.

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