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Sorry I haven’t posted in a week. Getting adjusted to the new routine at home and with ComicMix has been preoccupying.When I took on the News Editor role, I thought I was inheriting a team of writers and would be able to add to the roster and go forth and assign and edit stories, sort of like a Lou Grant. Instead, apparently, a lot of the regulars had moved on to other sites just before the San Diego convention and as I took over, there were one or two regular writers and one or two regular reviewers. Hard to beef up a site’s content with so few of us.I now spend my mornings hunting for news, writing the news, posting and scheduling the news while establishing new working relationships with publishers and media establishments. I also go out seeking new writers, hoping to establish a series of beats so we can cover everything.It’s also enabled me to bring into, ahem, the mix pals who I know have areas of expertise. My first call was to Chuck Rozakis, son of Bob, to put him on the webcomics beat. I also tapped Insane Ian Bonds to begin writing video game coverage. Alan Kistler, a pal and one of the regulars, has also been connecting me with other writers so the site is slowly filling out.The response so far has been rather gratifying and we should be growing nicely from this point forward.The rest of my day is spent on little projects such as an article for a forthcoming issue of Star Trek Magazine and prepping some reviews for ComicMix and Famous Monsters of Filmland. It’s all clearing the decks awaiting approval from DelRey/Marvel on the Iron Man novel which, in theory, is due on October 20 but clearly will be delivered later.This week we’ve also gotten back into old routines. I attended a PTA event on Monday while Deb began grad classes and choir two other nights. Our days are filling which is good.

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