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This one’s for those in the Connecticut area and something I should have flogged earlier than today. I’m very excited to be a part of this after hearing how well last year’s event turned out.2nd Annual Writers’ Conference – ProgramWhen: Saturday, December 6Where: Fairfield Public Library, 1080 Old Post Rd, FairfieldHours: 9:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. (lunch @ 12:30)Admission Fee: $50 (includes admission to all speeches and panels, lunch)Make check payable to Friends of Fairfield Public Library.Events Schedule9 AM – 10AM: Registration10 AM: Keynote: Da Chen – “From China to Random House”Rotary Room11:30 AM 1. Literary Fiction. Are you serious? Crafting and selling literary fiction. What separates literary fiction from other types of fiction? How do you go about developing your writing skills to deliver this genre?Panelists: Kim Bridgford, Nalini Jones, Matthew Sharpe, Michael WhiteModerator: Sara NelsonRotary Room2. Memoir. I’ll Never Forget….Translating personal experience into publishable memoir. Learn from several authors how they began writing for themselves to turning their own stories into books for all to enjoy.Panelists: Jessica Bram, Janet Carlson, Linda Howard, Mary-Ann Tirone Smith Moderator: Les SragerChildren’s Program Room3. How to develop a fiction series. Encore! Encore: Morph a book or character into a successful series. Gain insight into the creative and crazy world of successful mystery writers as the discuss how they developed popular series. Panelists: Jan Brogan, Jane Cleland, Chris Grabenstein, Rosemary Harris, Karen E. Olson, Hank Phillipi RyanModerator: Logan WardMemorial Room12:30 PM : Lunch1:304. Literary Agents’ Panel .How do you find an agent? Do you really need an agent, and what do agents do for you? What are agents looking for in new writers? What does leading edge print technology mean to the agent/author relationship? Panelists: Denise Marcil of the Denise Marcil Literary Agency, Inc., Gina Panettieri of Talcott Notch Literary Services, and Rita Rosenkranz of Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency – along with Harlem Book Fair publisher Max RodriguezModerator: Jessica BramRotary Room5. Pitch your book! Pitching a book idea is an essential skill most writers lack and need when submitting their work to agents and editors. Marcela Landres discusses why pitching is important; how to formulate a winning pitch; and the three most common mistakes writers make when pitching their book ideas.Introduction: Adair Heitmann and Karen RonaldChildren’s Program Room6. Niche Writing. Finding your Niche. Develop a speciality and watch it grow. Take your passion for a subject or lifestyle and develop a reputation for your expertise and writing skill.Panelists: James Campbell, Susan Farewell, Penny Pearlman, Hank Phillipi Ryan, Charlie Slack, Logan WardModerator: Mary Ellen McLeanMemorial Room2:457. Sports Writing. Beyond the Box Scores. How great sports writing tells much more than who won or lost. Learn how these authors captured the humanity behind the great teams and personalities of the sports world.Panelists: Jack Cavanaugh, Jeff Pearlman, Liz RobbinsModerator: Charlie SlackChildren’s Program Room8. Young Adult Literature. What connects with teen and tween readers? How to write for a very hot demographic with a very diverse readership.Panelists: Tony Abbott, Leslie Connor, Stacy DeKeyser, Bob Greenberger, Nina NelsonModerator: Nicole SchererMemorial Room9. Living the Adventure . How extreme research pays off in irreplaceable details. Panelists share their adventures of traipsing around the world, living in a bygone era and waiting on tables in New York City and how they spun these tales into great books.Panelists: James Campbell, Steve Dublanica, Logan WardModerator: Carol DannhauserRotary Room4:0010 . Children’s. Kiddie Lit. What makes children’s literature so challenging and rewarding. Learn from authors who have developed their particular writing style that delights children over and over again.Panelists: Karen Day, Chris Grabenstein, Brian Meehl, Marc Tyler Nobleman Moderator: Nancy CoriatyMemorial Room11. Hot Books and Trends for 2009. Hot books and trends for 2009 from Library Marketing Directors Virginia Stanley of Harper Collins and Talia Ross of Macmillan. Virginia and Talia will share their insider knowledge of upcoming books and trends they see for 2009.Panelists: Library Marketing Directors – Talia Ross of Macmillan and Virginia Stanley of HarperCollins.Moderator: Karen RonaldChildren’s Program Room12. Ripped from the Headlines. Getting inspiration from the real world. How the creative juices of these panelists are sparked when reading accounts from every day life.Panelists: Jan Brogan, Rosemary Harris, Karen E. Olson, Hank Phillipi Ryan, Charlie Slack, Logan WardModerator: James CampbellRotary Room

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  1. Hey Bob–Yes, it should be terrific. And what you don’t know–the rest of us are going to come to your panel and heckle you! So, Bob fans, you won’t want to miss that!Well, okay. Not really. But it is going to be a wonderful event for writers, readers, and those who are some of each!See you all there..Hank

  2. Why do they have to make these things in December? I’d have been there in a blink, but not 3 weeks before the holidays. It sounds wonderful.

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