End of the Road

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I’m home safe and sound. It was a great adventure with a very long, tiring final day.THURSDAYDespite going to sleep late, we were up and functioning by 8:30. I suggested we skip breakfast and grab something at the first stop. Matthew agreed so we just collected coffee, loaded the truck and headed out.Our first stop was Allentown and as we approached, echoes of Jerry Orbach echoed in my mind. We stopped at the Farmer’s Market, a huge set-up that was bustling. It had a nice selection of butchers, bakers, grocers, etc. We walked the length of it once to see what there was, grabbed a shopping cart and proceeded to fill it. Matthew’s a foodie so knew what he liked and wanted. I was far more selective and got some things I knew Deb would like and some things I wanted to try. We bought a box of donuts for our belated breakfast and continued on the road.We stopped in Easton and a visit to the CaramelCorn Shop which has well regarded light caramel corn plus dark roasted peanuts which give the nuts a different taste and texture (haven’t tried them yet so stay tuned). Cross-town we stopped at Jimmy’s Hot Dogs for lunch. Now, Jimmy’s is tucked away in a strip mall and all they sell are hot dogs. Either with or without. With meant raw onions, mustard and topped with a slice of pickle. People line up and order a number of them and the only sides are bags of chips. Drinks are basic fountain drinks. Very low priced so 5 dogs and two drinks cost under $7. The hot dogs are so covered in stuff you don’t really taste the meat and as Matthew put it, they’re there to warm the onions. They do not compare in any way to Rawley’s here in Fairfield.Three stops down and three to go. We hit the highway and made the final push for home. As we left Pennsylvania, you could tell we were north because the roads were in terrible shape. We bumped and shimmied from New Jersey to Long Island. We entered Manhattan and stopped at his sister’s Gina’s apartment around 3. We quickly unloaded the stuff and were back in action by 3:30. Getting out to Brooklyn took more time thanks to traffic and the need to take the bridge. We didn’t get there until closer to 4:30. Unloading at Janice’s took about an hour but she was taking custody of larger pieces and more of them.We completed our journey by hitting Massapequa at 7:15. Matthew’s three boys helped us unload most of the truck. However, hunger won out so we went to the local restaurant for, what else, barbecue. Apparently we were so focused on pulled pork and the like we neglected ribs and had a hankering for them. During the meal, one of my lenses fell out and I’m convinced the shaking I endured was responsible. Once we were sated, everyone returned home where we unloaded the two heaviest pieces. We then divvied up all the food we bought earlier in the day. Deb then put me in the car and took me home, arriving just around 11. Dixie greeted me most affectionately.The trip went as well as expected. We chatted, we ate, we drove. We hit nine of the 46 options which wasn’t too bad at all. Things fell nicely into place and we brought all the items to where they needed to be. I had an adventure during a slow period which was also a nice change of pace.Now it’s back to work. Tomorrow we’ll talk about that since I had some news to share.

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  1. You’re trip reminds me of A Walk in The Woods except for the car part (hee hee). What a great adventure and a good pal you are.

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