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So, what’s been happening in the world of work? Yes, I’ve been chasing the next big project but I have plenty of little things to fill out the month as I wait and see if my con efforts bear fruit.First, just out is the current issue of Star Trek Magazine which contains an article by yours truly about Voyager. Now out eight times a year, the magazine has been lots of fun to write for. The following issue will contain a Majel Barrett tribute I wrote and I’m at work on some small pieces for the three issues that follow.Editor Paul Simpson notes, “This…has an introduction to the new Voyager novels by Kirsten Beyer, with an extract from Full Circle. Kirsten’s article addresses some of the frequently-asked questions about what’s been happening with, and what’s going to happen to Voyager books. We’ve also got a number of TrekLit contributors: Bob Greenberger, David Mack, Robert Jeschonek, Christopher L. Bennett, Michael A. Martin and David McIntee have all penned analytical pieces; Dayton Ward and Trek Life’s David Reddick have teamed up on a very special Captain Proton feature; Terri Osborne interviews Bob Picardo, with a contribution from Ted Kopulos; Jill Sherwin interviews Bryan Fuller in an eye-opening feature about Voyager’s production; Mike Friedman writes about contributing to screen Voyager; and there’s also an intriguing interview with Jeri Ryan which gives her take on Seven’s relationships. Add in a new interview with Bruce Greenwood about playing Christopher Pike and reviews of A Singular Destiny, Shards & Shadows and Errand of Fury and it’s an interesting package.”I also completed one of my contributions to Marvel Spotlight‘s 70th Anniversary of Marvel issue. It’s an oversized square-bound book due out in May and I got to write about the birth of the Marvel Age. It meant talking to Fabulous Flo Steinberg, Rascally Roy Thomas and Stan the Man himself. While I had Stan on the phone, I poked his memory to chat about the earlier years for a second piece I’ll be doing for the magazine.In addition to Star Trek and Marvel Spotlight, I’m also doing research for a friend, helping him on a book project. This week I’ve also written a sample for a new book project and written up a proposal for something that could be both long-term and cool.My original notions continue to wait their turn but at least I’m making some cash and keeping my hand in a variety of places.

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