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I’ve always been a little jealous of Kate when she spoke of the glorious times she had at Atlanta’s Dragon*Con. Back when the big show there was the Atlanta Fantasy Fair, I went on DC’s behalf numerous times and had a great experience. But Dragon*Con was something else entirely, a cross between Comic-Con International and I-Con.Deb and I always said we’d go when done with kids going off to college and this year seemed the right time to try it out. Fortunately, my credentials got me approved as a guest and I’ll be doing some programming, so this will be a mix of business and pleasure. Unfortunately, Iron Man: Femme Fatales won’t be out yet so I’ll just have to talk it up until copies hit the shelves in about four weeks.Anyway, many of my pals will be on hand and it’ll be good for us to have some social time with them, which will include a feast of Fat Matt’s ribs. I’ll also be meeting some new associates from that spec project I mentioned a few posts back so that’ll be nifty.What I also like is that I’ll be there for self-promotion and unlike San Diego, have no business meetings set at present. I may actually get to attend panels and performances for the sheer pleasure of it, just like in the good old days.And, to kick it all off, we’re scheduled to spend Thursday night with the Atlanta branch of the family so we’re covering all the bases.For those in attendance, I’m scheduled for the following panels:Star Trek Authors CavalcadeTrek writers and editors discuss their past, current and upcoming works, the perils and pitfalls of writing new fiction in the Star Trek universe.Fri 11:30 am Savannah 2-3 – SheratonThe League of Red-Headed Stepchildren: Media authorsMedia tie-in work seems to be gaining more respect. What’s it like being a red-headed step-child in sf?Fri 05:30 pm  Fairlie – HyattIn both instances, I’ll be sharing the table with Peter David and Keith DeCandido, among others and trust me, when we’re together, it’s always a lively discussion.

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