Happy 29th Anniversary, Deb

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Today being a rainy day fits, given that 29 years ago, it was darker and stormier as we got married.29 years feels like a long time and another example of the advancing years. What’s nice is that we remain close and active together. Yesterday, for example, I spent the day at her side wandering through the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival. I don’t knit, can barely tell the difference between Malibrego and Marino yarn but it was nice to be walking side-by-side, sharing hot cider and donuts.We were tired on the way home and it was a largely silent ride, but it was a companionable silence, neither one of us feeling the need to fill the time with chatter.Just sitting together with the morning coffee and the newspapers is pleasurable. I can’t imagine going through life, doing these routines and having these experiences without Deb beside me. We continue to celebrate each others triumphs and offer a comforting shoulder when something horribly goes wrong.Neither one of us could have gotten through last year without the other.Today’s going to be a simple day. Some rearranging in the family room as we get ready to receive our new flat screen TV (thank you tax refund). Some reading. Running out to try the Flipside, sampling their burgers, for a quiet dinner together. Nothing overly flashy or showy – sometimes that’s fine, but most times just being together is all we need.Happy anniversary, my wife.

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  1. This has got to be the best anniversary gift I ever read. It was so touching and heart felt. I am in awe of your relationship. You two have made it through some not so tough times and some reeaallyy tough times. I admire you for that. When I talk about marriages that work, yours always comes up first. You two definetly have the recipe for a great marriage. Happy Anniversary.I miss and love you both, Christine (&Dudley)

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