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Through the years, I’ve been fairly critical about the state of customer service in the country, using personal examples as cases in point.As a result, it’s only fair that when I get superior service, I should mention this as well.Last week, I noticed a leak under our washing machine. The earliest the repairmen from C&E Appliance could come was yesterday and we were told to expect him between 3 and 6. At 5:50, he arrived and began disassembling the machine. After some poking and prodding, he found the leak. Unfortunately, it was a significant part that had failed, not the usual problem that he encounters 98% of the time. The good news was that the tubes and other parts all looked to be in better than expected shape. He was amazed at the good shape the rest of the machine was in. Hearing that, we decided to invest in repairs rather than investigate a replacement unit.He called the office to confirm they had a part and said his supervisor would have to handle the repair. We got a call this morning that everything was in place and we’d be visited between 1 and 4.Around 1:15 Mike arrived and couldn’t have been nicer. First of all, he remembered the house. Noticed the two dogs were not the same ones that were here when he was last in the house maybe a decade ago. As he took the machine apart, he asked about the kids, recalled Paz, our Spanish au pair and other details. Now, this is a guy who visited 60 houses a week for years and only stopped doing mainly residential customers five years ago. We were amazed.I began wiping down the various pieces of the washer as he talked and then I left him to work. When he was done, he confirmed that the machine was in excellent shape and would last quite some time. He had taken the Fantastic and some rags and completed cleaning the interior and exterior of the machine so it looked great.As he cleaned up and prepped the bill, he gave us some unsolicited tips on our other appliances and couldn’t have been nicer. If only all service calls went so pleasantly.

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