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OK, so while I am thrilled to have Batman: The Brave & The Bold #20 now out, and receiving some nice comments, there’s the future to consider. Here’s what has been happening……not all that much to be honest. Such can be the life of the freelance writer. You hope for a steady supply of work and are prepared to handle the feast while dreading the famine.The proposals that have been circulating continue to circulate. One is showing some signs of life but nothing concrete today.All three graphic novels that are in development got stalled because everyone in Europe takes August off, including it seems, artists. They still need to complete their samples before publishers will consider the packages.The new comic book story I mentioned some weeks back was written and submitted. My editor got back to me with some very constructive comments, so I did a revision and await his final thumbs up.  The second pitch for the same media property has also been revised and awaits the licensee’s approval.Yesterday, while pitching a project to one editor, he expressed some interest and countered by suggesting a project to me. I am now putting together notes to see if this makes sense and whether or not we have a book to produce. Stay tuned for details.A long-simmering project sat on an editor’s desk since April with nary an acknowledgment or response to e-mails and calls. I have since begin sending it elsewhere, but one person found the outline intriguing enough to ask to see sample pages. This week I have begun researching and yesterday managed the first chapter. I need to produce 50-75 pages for review and will no doubt write a lot more before honing it.Last week, I had a fascinating session with a group of peers, talking about something that may or may not turn into something. If it happens, it won’t be until 2011, but I do like the possibilities it represents.As a result, my current confirmed workload looks like this: I write my twice-weekly op-ed column for the Fairfield Patch and my twice-monthly column for Westfield Comics. At leats one if not two comic book stories for a media property. Everything else is speculative in nature. I await word from DC Comics as to when we all get back to work on Who’s Who which is still happening — honest.

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