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I haven’t talked about school in a bit so let me fill you in.While I normally don’t think of myself as having a head for numbers, I find I am grasping many of the concepts behind Statistics. I manage to get through my homework without too much sweat and did score an 87 on the first quiz.Then came chapter 4. Chapter 4 is getting into binomials and random variables and suddenly the white board is filling with formula and I begin to tense up, since it now looks like an alien tongue. I spent over 2 hours struggling with homework problems today and even though I followed one question step-by-step according to the book, the numbers were wrong so I am frustrated. I just need to pass the course, I know, but my pride says I want a respectable grade.Part of the grade is for a group project. We were randomly placed into teams of four and even though we’ve exchanged e-mails, I don’t think we’ve said two words to one another. Last week, I realized we now knew enough to get started and prepared a spreadsheet with the data we need so we can manipulate it more easily. I sent it around and no one said a word. It’s not due until December and I guess the work ethic of getting started before it’s a panic has not been taught. This will surely try my patience.Theater, on the other hand, remains a joy. There are just 8 of us in the class and most know one another so they’re loose and chatty. I’ve gotten to chat with most of them which is nice and our professor is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and cool. Our discussions are quite lively, which I like. We had our mid-term yesterday and I’m curious to see how we did.Last week, I received word that I was officially accepted at the University of Bridgeport for their master’s degree which will result in my certification and credentials to teach secondary education English. I’ve opted for their internship program which will place me in a school system and the district covers my tuition. It will mean, though, working in school by day and taking classes at night. Finding time for writing assignments and politics will certainly be challenging.Today I interviewed with a nearby school and will learn next week if they want me. In the meantime, I’m going through the paperwork to sign up to be a sub even though I’d only be eligible for two more months. So far, the Fairfield schools have only needed me once and the experience would certainly be good.At 52, it never occurred to me I’d be taking so radical a career step, but then I get to thinking about how I’d teach and I admit to getting more than a little excited.

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  1. Grades…. what do you call someone who graduates from medical school with a 70 grade average? ….. Doctor. Just remember a grade of 87 is a B+, which is above average… a decent grade.

  2. Bob-I have been there. Having transitioned from corporate law to education is daunting but I have found it to be more rewarding (and a lot more fun) than my previous career. While I still keep my hand in the old career, the one which I have been doing for the last 8 years forces me to stay fresh and alert. Kids have a built-in “BS” detector and you need to maintian your credibility with them at all times. I wish you well and would love to help with advice from someone who has “been there”. Mike

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