Catching my Breath

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Today, I feel to be catching my breath.A flurry of activity this week has left me tired and today’s schedule is letting me not only breathe but realize how tired I am feeling.My contributions to a group project due Saturday were done as the week began which meant I only needed to make minor tweaks when we met in class on Tuesday. Monday night we had the final run-through on my other group project. Technical snafus meant I had to take two of my videos and review them, jotting down time codes for excerpts which would be shown after the main presentation (which I described as the DVD extras).Yesterday, I had a fairly light school schedule so was able to do my second and final student observation for a paper that was due at 4 p.m. Fortunately, the observation went well and while shooshing kids in the Library, I managed to complete the paper on schedule.As I arrived for classes, I got back my mid-terms with a 93 in one and an 81 in the other. Now, the 81 sounds low, but my teacher, the wonderful Dr. Flynn, warned us how tough the test would be and begged us to get in the 60s. She then offered us a 15 point extra credit essay to boost the final scores so I did as she asked, winding up with a 66 on the test plus the extra credit. Go figure.We were the first of four groups to present over the next month so we had no idea how well we’d be received or how smoothly things would go. It went over quite well and everyone was impressed with some of the frank (even brutally honest) comments the interview subjects gave us. One at least admitted her honesty was because she was addressing future educators.Atop all this, my New Technologies class did a session on blogging and despite my experience still had to complete all the assigned work which took quite a bit of time yesterday. At least I’m pulling a good grade to date in the class.As I head into my final month of classes, the work isn’t over. This is merely a pause before more papers next week. I commented to Kate that I was so busy working on assignments I couldn’t tell if I was learning anything. When I repeated that at lunch today, the English department coordinator nodded and added, “Remember that when you’re the one assigning work.”Deb is probably right, though, that I am likely learning more than I realize doing these projects. The information has to settle and I need time to process. A day like today is exactly what I need for that.

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