Feeling Calmer

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I am now, and always have been, goal oriented. I work best with a To Do list and as spare time arrives, I use it to work ahead.  Being in grad school since January has left me feeling pressured, on a treadmill with no end in sight.Until now. I have my end of the semester projects coming due and as I have endeavored to complete each one, I check them off the list. Suddenly, over the last 24 hours, the list has markedly shrunk.This week I deliver my English Methods portfolio and my Unit Project to Social Studies Methods. My final two waste-of-time papers for my Internship portfolio are also completed. I have had two different people edit my Psychology White Paper, which is due next week. I’m also prepared for the group presentation in Psych. And the Reflection for Psych is now completed.All that’s left is a Media Literacy project for English, which I started pulling material for over a month ago and can now focus on that.While classes don’t end until December 12, I am feeling some of the pressure from school lift so I can now focus more of my attention on the Unauthorized History of Star Trek (you have all Liked it over on Facebook, right?).Oh, and then there’s the holidays. By this point on the calendar, I prefer having the majority of the shopping done so we can avoid the malls after Thanksgiving but we didn’t buy anything for others until yesterday so in my mind we’re behind. Strangely, I’m not feeling too much pressure about it. It’ll get done as will the decorating, the cards, and the other prep.There’s a certain feeling coming over me, one of completion that is making me feel remarkably calm.

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