Taking Comfort in Tradition

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alices-restaurantTomorrow there will be turkey.Tomorrow there will be family.Tomorrow I will eat too much.There is a certain comfort that comes with observing tradition. I like how we revisit these throughout the year, but especially now as the calendar winds down. We hurtle from Halloween to New Year’s in just under three months. No sooner do the pumpkins get put on the porch than we’re already strolling through colorfully lit streets. There’s little wonder we’re all a little worn out right after New Year’s Day. It’s a marathon of eating, decorating, shopping, visiting, and eating some more.My traditions have evolved since childhood, blending with Deb’s, creating a few of our own such as the annual playing of “Alice’s Restaurant”. And it’s fun seeing Kate adopt many of them as she settles into her married life.Thanksgiving will consist of us, Kate and Mike, my mother-in-law, and our dear friends Judy and Matthew, with two of their sons. We’re cooking for nine and it’s been a while since we needed to plan every step and do so much grocery shopping.But the house already smells amazing. The pies got started on Monday and after school, there will be much work for Bob the sous chef. We’ll do as much as we can before collapsing tomorrow and then in the morning, as the parade airs, we’ll get down to the serious work before company arrives.Tradition brings with it continuity and we take comfort in that. I also appreciate how the world slows down a bit, as family and friends gather, sharing an all too rare communal experience.From me to you and yours, have a peaceful, happy holiday weekend.

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