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I look up and realize I haven’t posted in a while.I’ve had things happening, things to talk about, and the like but the long-term substitute assignment coupled with a busy freelance side has squeezed out a lot of leisure time.We’re in the final week of my assignment, already, and it felt good to be back in teacher mode. I’ll have some more observations once this is completed.My passion project is humming along and yesterday I received some primary source material that fills in some gaps and made me very happy. Beyond that, I have also been invited to write a short story for an anthology, but it has to be done quickly since I am replacing people who dropped out and the book is on schedule.A project I’ve been managing on and off since December roared back to life last week and we’re suddenly racing the deadline – exactly when school takes most of my focus. We’ll make it but it won’t be easy.Atop all this, I spent four days in Florida, visiting Mom (and watching my Mets); a long scheduled trip that proved a welcome respite from the chaos.Come Saturday, I will be a fulltime freelancer for two weeks and see just how much of my workload can be accomplished before I return to the life of a sub, job seeker, and writer.

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