Year in Review: Writing and Editing

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With 2017 winding down, I am taking some time to look back and evaluate what sort of professional year it was.As the year began, I was out of work, seeking a school that wanted me fulltime and subbing most days at St. Vincent Pallotti. March saw me do a four-week stint at New Town High in Baltimore County, which was interesting but didn’t really lead to much.On the freelance side, it was productive while not necessarily remunerative enough to feel comfortable.Interestingly, DC Comics was my largest client as I wrote intros and jack copy for their collected editions department (including, happily, The Atlantis Chronicles and Justice League of America: The Bronze Age Volume Two). I was also reviewing for accuracy material produced for Eaglemoss’ international graphic novel collections. While reading the same introductory material in multiple languages can be a little tedious, the original material is always impressive.For Eaglemoss directly, I have written introductions to six volumes of their mammoth Star Trek graphic novel library. These have been fun since I am mostly writing about books I enjoyed as a reader or actually edited for DC.The major writing this year was the Captain America novel, which I detailed here and annotated here. Still no online reviews that I’ve seen but I hope people are buying and reading it.And the last few months have been taken up with working in Justice League 100 Greatest Moments which I revealed here.I did, though, manage a three-pager for Mine! the Planned Parenthood fundraising anthology published through ComicMix. Jason Scott Jones did a lovely job illustrating it and Rick Parker, an old pal I never worked with, lettered the job. It arrived digitally on Christmas Day and was lovely to see in “print”.On the editorial side, I continued editing Valerie J. Mikles’ original New Dawn science fiction novels. I wrapped up book one in January and am currently completing my editorial notes on book five. She debuted the first book in September and will have the first three on sale when we both appear at Farpoint in February.I also edited a Transformers custom comic that was packed exclusively with the Blu-ray release of The Last Knight at Toys R Us. It was written by old pal Jordan B. Gorfinkel and illustrated by Beni Lobel, who drew the After Earth custom comic I co-wrote a few years back.  Sadly, they chose to leave out the credits, but I know I did it. For Gorf, I have also been intermittently helping him project manage a forthcoming graphic novel version of the Passover Haggadah.Stuff I had written earlier and finally saw print included stories for Veil Knights, Planet of the Apes, TV Gods, Crazy 8 Press Love, Murder & Mayhem, two forthcoming anthologies from eSpec Books, and articles for Back Issue! The Veil Knights novel arrived in July and I was pleased with the feedback and love working with the team writing as Rowan Casey. We’ve slipped on the schedule but it will be wrapping up the first cycle in early 2018.I continue my twice-monthly columns at Westfield Comics and my irregular reviews at ComicMix and I so enjoy doing these shorter pieces.All in all, I have loved the variety of content I’ve tackled. It just hasn’t been enough to live on which was why the offer to join the Pallotti staff was most welcome. Finding the time to write or edit has proven challenging but these are muscles that want to be used. I just need to be more realistic when evaluating the offers that do arrive.

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    1. Alas, a variety of circumstances appears to have derailed that plan so we’re moving on to Pesach 2019.

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