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Surprisingly, the annual Farpoint convention sort of snuck up on me in the sense that I have been so focused on school work that with just days to go, I have had to shift my focus and prepare to be a writer/editor/bon vivant once more.


The show is tremendous fun, with lovely fans, but even better is the semi-annual chance to see some of my favorite peers.

The moment I finish a parent/teacher conference on Friday afternoon, I will fight rush hour to get to the hotel and start having fun. My schedule, for those attending, is below:


Book Fair – 10:00 PM – Hunt Valley Foyer

As always, a chance to meet fans, sell and sign books, and schmooze.


Bob Greenberger – 10:00 AM – Valley Ballroom

Accompanied, as always, by Glenn Hauman, I will be babble about life, school, and my various projects. I hope to talk about the fifth volume in the 100 Greatest Moments series and maybe even be allowed to announce the sixth title. And then there will be movie trailers.

DC’s TV Crisis – 1:00 PM – Salon A


I will be moderating this panel, discussing the recently completed Arrowverse crossover and its ramifications. Joining me will be Don Sakers, Allyn Gibson, and Kyle Williamson.

Crazy 8 Press – 3:00 PM – Salon C

C8 final logo.jpgC8 final logo.jpg

Alas, Mike Friedman can’t make it this year, so someone will take the moderating reins and we’ll discuss our forthcoming releases, including the current Kickstarter campaign for next summer’s Bad Ass Moms. I’ll be there with Russ Colchamiro, Peter David, Mary Fan, Glen Hauman, and Aaron Rosenberg.


Bob And Howie Show – 10:00 AM – Valley Ballroom

Howie pointed out that it was 44 years ago this week that we met at a Star Trek convention so we’ll be reminiscing a bit in addition to the usual back and froth about our projects politics, and watch we’ve watched recently and recommended.

Building A Better World – 11:00 AM – Hunt Ballroom

The panel description says that Jay Justice, Sherri Cook, Tony Ray and I will discuss “Worldbuilding is an integral part of science fiction and fantasy. By using intersectionality, writers can learn to create and expand upon fictional universes without infusing them with real-world prejudice. This panel explores many methods of inclusive storytelling from both the fan and creator perspective.”

World’s Finest: Past, Present, And Future – 2:00 PM – Salon A


Batman 80.pngBatman 80.png

I will moderate this discussion celebrating 80 years of Superman and Batman. What’s been happening to them in comics and mass media will be analyzed by Ryan Permison, Michael Critzer, and Allyn Gibson.

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