After Earth: A Perfect Beast Out Today

After Earth Perfect Beast toilet trainedAmazingly, more than two years after our work began on After Earth, the first book is on sale today.  Last week, Random House’s Suvudu offered up a sampling of the book’s first 50 pages and now A Perfect Beast is out.

While not the first offering – that was the one-shot comic given away last year at San Diego and sold by Dynamite – it is the first substantive look at Nova Prime. This glimpse into the world of After Earth does a nice job introducing elements and giving readers vital background to enrich the film viewing experience. You do not need to read this to understand the film, it just answers questions you might have.

As has happened with our previous collaborations, I did the book’s outline and then divvied up the storylines. Peter took the aliens, since he did the bulk of the work on them for the Bible, and one of the characters while I took the story’s catalyst and some of the subsidiary characters. The lead character and therefore the spine of the story fell to Mike. Once all three sections were completed, Mike polished the manuscript, smoothing over transitions. Unlike our previous Star Trek efforts, this one required a lot more weaving of stories so he wound up truncating characters, adding characters, shifting actions and more.  Then he submitted the work.

Overbrook Productions weighed in with their thoughts and concerns, asking for things to be clarified or modified, which required more effort from Mike.

Meantime, Random House decided that the first three Ghost Stories, the digital shorts that have been released since December, would be included in this volume. As a result, even more of the world is on display which is sort of cool.

The marketing blitz is underway with last week’s After Earth Day event and the Xprize After Earth robot challenge. I consulted on the latter, making sure the planetary facts on display matched up with the rest of the books, website, and Bible.

Now it comes down to you, the reader, to decide. Have we done a good job telling a story? Have you whetted your appetite for the May 31 release? Please let me know since feedback is invaluable.

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