After Earth Novels now Available for Pre-Order

I haven’t said much about After Earth of late, but trust me, things are happening. First, the comic book prequel After Earth: Innocence will be out in a few weeks. For those who missed it in San Diego, now’s your chance for a look at this new universe.

Also in October, the first of six short stories will be available from Random House. Ghosting is a special ability that a precious few possess, but it’s also the difference between life and death. Cypher Raige, the first to “ghost”, is the character played by Will Smith in the film, but these stories tell of the six others who have managed this feat by the time of the film. Peter David kicks it off and I’ve got two, as does Mike Friedman. We brainstormed the basics while we were together at Farpoint back in the winter and wrote our works over the summer.

Today, I just reviewed the copy edits for my first work so that’s cool and I’m proud of what I accomplished.

Here’s what we’re writing:

After Earth: Ghost Stories: Fond Memories (Peter David)
After Earth: Ghost Stories: Instincts (Peter David)
After Earth: Ghost Stories: Peace (Robert Greenberger)
After Earth: Ghost Stories: Phantom (Robert Greenberger)
After Earth: Ghost Stories: Savior (Michael Jan Friedman)
After Earth: Ghost Stories: Beyond Fire and Water (Michael Jan Friedman

And, now available for pre-order is A Perfect Beast, the prequel novel that Mike, Peter, and I have spent the last few months working on. Here’s the official write-up:

The official prequel novel of the epic film After Earth, directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith

After their exodus from Earth, the last humans settled a remote planet, Nova Prime. When an alien force known as the Skrel descended from the skies, the United Rangers Corps, an elite defense unit, valiantly resisted. Centuries passed without an attack, and many colonists believed that, with other security measures in place, the resources devoted to maintaining their military strength would be better spent elsewhere. Little did they know that trouble was coming to Nova Prime—and it had a taste for blood.

The latest in a long line of decorated warriors, Conner Raige is one of the Rangers’ most promising young cadets, although his brash confidence and tendency to act on instinct have earned him as many skeptics as admirers. Conner’s ancestors were on the front lines of humanity’s victory against the Skrel. But when a deadly ground war breaks out, Conner’s up against an entirely different beast—because, this time, the Skrel have brought a secret weapon: ferocious killing machines designed to eliminate humanity from Nova Prime . . . and the universe.

The book will be out March 26.

Peter’s novelization of the film will be out a month later and is also now available for pre-order.

This has been a tremendously creative and exciting project to work on and hope you agree when you get to read the above works for yourself.

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