Book Release Updates

iron-manSomeone asked me on Facebook how the Iron Man book was coming. Since I had reviewed the copy edited manuscript in April, I expected to see the galleys by now. I did a quick check at the DelRey website and saw it listed as a September release.

Well, that was a surprise. Last I was told, it was coming out June 23 and I was looking forward to signing copies at Shore Leave and the San Diego Comic-Con. Two great missed opportunities.

I checked to see what Amazon had to say about this book and my other upcoming releases.

Iron Man: Femme Fatales will be out September 29.

The Batman Vault, which I cowrote with Matthew K. Manning, has been moved from November release to October 5.

Coming August 11 will be How to Lose a War: More Foolish Plans and Great Military Blunders, where I have several essays.

The first of my two Stone Arch books, Batman: Arctic Attack, is now scheduled for August 15 (a Sunday, which I find odd).

So, as I continue to toil on The Essential Superman Encyclopedia, I can look forward to several releases during the second half of the year.


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