Done and Onward

The Soon to be Announced Project is done. At least I have delivered the manuscript today, the day it is due. I wrote more than 50% over the word count requested but we’ll see how that plays out. One of these days we’ll talk about it. I really, really, want to chat now that it’s done but I can’t without annoying my publisher.

So, now it’s time to take stock and see what irons are in the fire.

Awaiting Publication

Predator: Flesh & Blood – Cowritten with Michael Jan Friedman, has a release date of September 12.
Marvel Spotlight – Walter Simonson interview, scheduled for late September release.
You Said What? – Handful of essays, scheduled for release December 10.

With the Editor/Publisher

Smart Pop: Wonder Woman – Awaiting copy edited manuscript and release date.
The Phantom – Story for unscheduled second volume of the Moonstone prose anthology.
Media Tie-In comic book script — Awaiting licensee to actually read the revision for one year now.
Media Tie-In short story — Nearing its second anniversary with the editor.

To Be Written

Back Issue guest editorial — Bob reminisces about the Suicide Squad – due September 31.
Tales of Zorro — short story for December 2007 collection from Moonstone. Outline with licensee.
The Avenger — short story for collection from Moonstone. Outline approved.
Captain Midnight — short story for collection from Moonstone. Drafted, needs a polish.
Star Trek: Slings & Arrows Book 5: A Weary Life — Outline approved, due October 1.
Christina Aguilera — Due October 31.
Actionopolis project — being written, awaiting revised contract.


Things that Aren’t sequel – Cowritten with Michael A. Burstein and in the hands of my esteemed collaborator.
Media Tie-In Anthology — two pitches to editor, he’s delayed in responding.
Media Tie-In Novel — one-page pitch to editor.
Media Tie-In non-fiction project — just when I was giving up on it, the publisher told me today they’re still interested in seeing this long moribund proposal.
Original Fantasy — I keep hoping to find the time to finish the outline.

One comment

  • steve d.

    looks like great stuff. My son is in 6th grade and a science fiction fan. If you have any book signings , I’ll want to be there. Seems like a highly competetive , your on top one minute and down the next proffession. Going from Dc then Marvel , your boss seemed like an AH.