Eternally Yours

Every so often I open my e-mail and find a nice surprise. A few weeks back, Jeff Youngquist, a colleague from my Marvel days, dropped me a note and asked if I’d write two pieces about The Eternals, the old Jack Kirby series that is being revived by Neil Gaiman and John Romita, Jr. this summer.

One piece would be about Kirby creating the series, the other about how it got shoe-horned into the Marvel Universe after he left the company in 1979. The articles would run on the Marvel website and maybe get collected somewhere down the road.

Sure, I said. Then, having a light day, I dove right into the work. Despite deadlines of April 24 and May 1, I delivered both early and then waited to hear back from my editor.

Today, after returning home from NYC (an interesting meeting that may lead to something cool), I did a quick check on line to see what I missed and I found this.

Fortunately, the comments have been mostly positive about the piece, including one from another old colleague, Rob Liefeld. (How many recall the one time we teamed up for a story?)