Farpoint Fun

The nicest thing about Farpoint is just how relaxed a convention it can be. For whatever reason, this weekend was one of the best con experiences I’ve had in a long time. First, the storm that threatened to spoil the show never materialized. Second, the guests had a great time and shared their enthusiasm with the crowd. Dealers reported good sales which is also a good barometer of the mood.

We arrived Friday night after an unusually hellacious trip down, just in time for the Prometheus Radio theater production to kick off the events. Actresses Kate Vernon and Kristen Bauer were on hand to participate and were clearly enjoying themselves performing with the regulars. They were followed by a ridiculously short two-song set by the Boogie Knights. We skipped the remainder of the program to finish checking in, unpacking and saying hi to tons of people. Soon after it was time for karaoke and hearing Kate belt a few which was fun.

Saturday was its usual self, starting with me chatting then showing movie trailers, aided by Glenn Hauman. I managed to visit with folk until I participated in the two hour writer’s workshop which was a little less structured than usual but the small audience seemed to appreciate hearing from Howard Weinstein, David Galanter, Kelly Meding, Bob Jones and me.

With an hour between panels, the Crazy 8 Press gang met to go over the usual business nonsense then trooped to the panel room and regaled one and all with wit and witticisms.

I was invited to be a judge at the Masquerade and got to meet the guests, including Michael Hogan who was a real pleasure. The masquerade was a strong one and we enjoyed the experience. In the judge’s room, Deb was given the chance to select the recipient of the Robbie Greenberger Most Original Award. After we concluded our work, we returned to the ballroom where Marty Gear was auctioning off a variety of items, including a meet and greet with Kristen. He got the bidding up with a person pledge of $325 but began telling a prolonged vampire joke until more money was raised. Alan Chafin grabbed an empty box and began canvassing the room to collect spare change and bills as Marty’s joke droned on. People were tossing in their cash and it was being rapidly counted. Hogan, Peter, and I made our contributions and we finished with something like an additional $360, which let Marty tell the overdue punch line.

Sunday was even more relaxed. The Bob & Howie Show was packed with stories, anecdotes and silly stuff, which kicked things off nicely. I then received some WordPress help from CSS god Allyn Gibson.  I signed a few autographs and talked with fans until it was time for the Civil Wars, Crises and Reboots with Peter, Mike, Allyn, and Glenn. It went well enough despite frequent digressions. The C8 team them met a second and final time for the weekend as we discussed sales and marketing issues. Mike, Peter, and I then lingered to discuss something else entirely, which I’ll be writing about later in the week.

The last few hours of the show was spent hanging out in the lobby with various friends and winding things down in the most relaxed way possible.

Clearly, a good time was had by all and now I can begin a nice relaxed break for the week.


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