For those near Philadelphia

I’ve been remiss in mentioning that I will be the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society’s November 11 meeting. I’ll be joining a long line of distinguished guests so it’s an honor.

The meeting begins at 8 p.m. while I get the blather at 9. Fortunately, Star Trek: Voyager – Distant Shores should be just coming out so I’ll have something to read from or talk about.

The PSFS people run the terrific PhilCon every December and did a superb job on the 2000 WorldCon.

So, anyone in the area should come by, join and say howdy.


  • Tom Galloway

    Nitpick; the Millenium Philcon aka the latest Philadelphia Worldcon was in 2001. Chicago hosted the 2000 Worldcon.

  • I may stop by the meeting. I had gone to their meeting back in the Spring to see Keith deCandido speak, but was somewhat put off by all the infighting that seemed to be going on within the organization. It certainly made me less interested in joining.

  • Speaking as a member of PSFS…

    Bob: Can’t wait to see you there!

    Andy: Yes, there can be infighting. We are a non-profit organization, made up of a group that, quite frankly, is not known for excellent social skills, and the first hour is our monthly BUSINESS meeting. Please, feel free to not arrive until closer to 9PM, so that you can enjoy Bob speaking without having to watch the inner workings of managing PSFS.

    (I would LOVE to separate our business meetings and our speaker, but I fear that this is a losing battle…)

  • Hugh: I entirely understand your points. I didn’t mean to offend. I just felt a bit awkward, as the president of the organization (or a member of similar high standing) was resigning, and I felt a bit as though I was in the middle of someone else’s domestic squabble.

    The concept of the club sounds neat, though. If I’m willing to make the time (and effort), I just might try to become a member one of these days.

  • It is a good organization, with a great history (we’ve been doing this since 1936!), and the people there are good people.

    And yes, it has issues… I’d just like to see them kept out of the public eye more than we currently do.

    Don’t feel you have to join up right away. Come to meetings, and come to Philcon in December. If you want to help, feel free to volunteer at Philcon.

    And if you come to the speaker next Friday, make sure you say hi!